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We have complete solar energy systems for your need.
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Our Mission

As the global community grows, so does the need for energy. With the peak production of oil approaching, new and innovative energy solutions will be needed.

Our mission is to research and develop energy technologies that enhance KSA's economy and environment and to educate the public, students and practitioners on the results of the research.

Global warming and climate change are major issues facing the world today and we aspire to be part of the solution by taking advantage of our solar energy.


Our vision

Delmon Solar is committed for providing the highest quality solar energy solutions and believes in the empowering individuals, communities, and businesses with opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future and clean energy economy.

We integrate the growing nation's need of energy with intelligent solutions available to us through the natural means of energy. It is our aim to provide a structured environment for each individual to develop respect for nature and build a perspective for solutions available to us naturally.

Quality Policy

Delmon Solar is your source for independent solar power for your home or office. We have complete solar energy systems for your need. Our high quality kits come with solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries.

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