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We have complete solar energy systems for your need.
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Delmon Solar is the only wholesale distributor you'll ever need. We sell and help engineer systems for residential, commercial, industrial, mobile, and specialty applications. Apart from providing the technical and sales support you need to install, upgrade and maintain renewable energy power systems, we also offer a wide range of additional services and tools to make your business successful.

We have an experienced and qualified team of professionals in all requisite areas and have strategic tie-ups with manufacturers to provide end-to-end solution in system integration services.

Delmon Solar provide solar power products like solar panels, solar charge controllers, inverters, batteries.

Delmon Solar provides service in the field of solar power & assist clients in achieving energy independence. We are here with a team of qualified engineers to provide end to end solutions in off grid & grid-tie solar power installations to all our customers. We provide a full range of reliable products and efficient services necessary for the proper integration of solar power into our nation's current and evolving electrical infrastructure. We also help our customers choose best quality products with appropriate specification to satisfy their need at lowest cost.

Our EPC services include:
  • Engineering
  • Site Identification
  • Feasibility Study
  • Detailed Project preparation
  • Ensuring best system design at Lowest cost and highest energy Output

We do all the study and calculations to suit individuals need and thus procure components of best quality and specifications from reputed and qualified vendors/manufacturers to ensure that the proposed power project deliver maximum power output with minimum cost.We have qualified group of contractors to undertake the construction of our project from civil, electrical, instrumentation and mechanical division managers. We provide an on-site engineers' team to oversee the entire project from commencement to completion.

Operations & Maintenance
  • Operate & maintain the projects. Assistance in ISO and other quality certification.
  • Use of appropriate monitoring systems both onsite and remote if required so.
  • Implementation of proper instrumentation.

Quality Policy

Delmon Solar is your source for independent solar power for your home or office. We have complete solar energy systems for your need. Our high quality kits come with solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries.

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